Lavender Lamb
Owners of this shop are so incredibly nice. They make the ice cream right in the back and you can taste the freshness. The pistachio cardamom was the best pistachio ice cream my husband and I ever had. Pineapple soft serve and raspberry champagne were excellent as well. Hard to believe this random stop would turn out to be one of the top ice creams we tried. Give this place a visit!!
Alexander Patel
This place deserves all the business! Great ice cream, and the owners are SUPER nice (literal mom and pop). Lots of interesting flavors to sample. I got the cardamom pistachio (really good - it’s like kulfi) and pandan bear (very good - has a marzipan vibe). Partner got rocky road and candyman (butterfinger-adjacent) and really enjoyed it. It’s a little hard to find from the outside (it’s located inside of the Togo’s sandwich shop)
Emily Bradford
Amazing fresh homemade ice cream! Every flavor I sampled was delicious! Rose soft server and Thai tea were both delicious! Curious to try the maple bacon
The woman who owns this place is so incredibly nice! She was welcoming and let us try literally so many things (without asking!) The ice cream comes in a great variety of unique and traditional flavors and all are creamy and delicious. Phenomenal texture! So happy we stopped by
Nya Sinclair
Amazing service and flavors. Highly recommend the coffee and Thai tea! Ube was amazing too. My family is big and everyone loved what they got!
Ominous Specter
Brand new! Don't miss this little shop, they have all sorts of treats. Ice cream, Italian ice, milkshakes, floats etc. They also have ice cream cakes like the one shown. Custom flavors can be ordered.
Jarrod Sinclair
This is an awesome mom and pop ice cream shop with great flavors they make in house. In addition they have awesome customer service. We found it 1 minute before closing and they still invited us in and were patient as the kids selected flavors. Speaking of flavors they have a lot of unique ones like rose lychee, Pistachio Carmen with real pistachios, and many others. They also have a number of great Italian ice flavors like raspberry and pineapple. Definitely a great stop. NOTE: it's inside the same store as TOGO'S